Therma Drift Scent Pads

Therma Drift Scent Pads are an excellent cover scent and allow you to use the wind to your advantage. Use our food scents, "Persimmon" and "Acorn" to lure deer through their stomachs or our  "Seductive Doe" and "Deer Dander" to lure deer through their natural instincts! Our scents will improve your odds of taking that big buck or just filling your freezer.  Use pads alone or with existing heating devise.

Dealer Information

If you are a retailer, please contact us for quanities and pricing.  You can reach us at (334) 805-3136 (Scott Turner) or (334) 695-2961 (Scott Deal).

About Us

Scott Turner/Scott Deal


We've been friends for about 15 years and we both love deer hunting and have always strived to keep our children involved in this sport.  Hunting for us has always been about putting food on the table and a nice rack is a bonus.  We are proud to provide a reasonably priced product that works for us and our families.



Rehobeth, Alabama 36301